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4 min readJan 15, 2021


Got questions about what we are doing at TIKI? We hope this article will help answer questions you may have regarding our app’s functionality.

What is TIKI?

Simply put, TIKI is an app that allows you to sell your online data. As it stands, companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon sell your data, usually without your knowledge, in exchange for free use of their service. With TIKI, you have more control over your internet privacy, but, more importantly, you make money when you choose to sell your data.

How does TIKI work?

TIKI allows you to sell your data. Usually, companies sell your data without your knowledge and you’re not compensated. With TIKI, you choose which accounts to link (like Facebook and Google), which data to sell, and who can buy it. You can stop, start, or change your settings at any point.

How much do I get paid?

The amount that you get paid will depend on the accounts that you link and the amount of data you want to sell. To start, we estimate you can get paid up to $10/month. We believe we can grow this to over $100/month.

How do I sign up?

Sign up to take one of our limited spaces at mytiki.com! We will then let you know shortly before the launch to help you with the initial setup. We promise to never send you any spam emails.

How does TIKI affect the accounts I link to it?

It simply doesn’t. We’ve all seen those “Login with your Facebook or Google account” buttons. It works like that. Spotify, for example, uses Facebook to make it easy for you to follow your friends.

How secure is TIKI?

We believe privacy is as important as security. We believe in real transparency; all of our code is public (no secrets or backdoors). We believe in minimizing risk by storing the least amount of data for the least amount of time. We believe that users should be in control of their data. You choose, not us.

When every company (including FB) says security comes first, it feels hollow. So while yes, security comes first at TIKI, we also do things very differently because we mean it.

Can my data be linked to me as an individual?

No. Individual data is “de-individualized” so NO ONE ever sees any of your data. We package your data up into anonymized “datasets” — that is, groups of data for thousands of people where no individual can ever be recognized.

Are you making money from MY data then?

TIKI allows you to make money by selling your data. We don’t charge you and you get 100% of the proceeds from each sale. Instead, we charge the buyers (businesses) a transaction fee for making it all happen. It is similar to how VISA charges businesses rather than you each time you swipe your credit card.

But you are still selling my data?

You choose to sell your data with TIKI. We’re just here to make it possible. You can sell as much as you’d like, or even none at all. You can use our SEE and CONTROL features for free. We believe that all people should be the primary decision-makers when it comes to their data.

How can TIKI make my online experience more private and secure?

TIKI still works within the confines of the service being used, but we will recommend settings you can change in order to have a more privatized experience. For example, on Instagram/Facebook, we can show you how to turn off facial recognition. On most platforms, we can show you how to turn on targeted advertisements, etc. Companies’ Terms of Service are often confusing and their settings are hard to use. We cut through the clutter for you.

Can you sum this up quickly for me?

As it stands, businesses buy tons of data directly from services such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. With TIKI, businesses can still gain valuable insights, but YOU are in control of the sale. You get all the proceeds of each sale. And, if you just want a private experience without selling data, our SEE and CONTROL features are always free to use.

We will add to this article as more questions come up! If you have any, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@mytiki.com. And please sign up at mytiki.com. We are building an app FOR USERS, BY USERS. We want to be in communication with you in order to build the best app possible!



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