So, Why Does an App That Allows You to Take Back Control of Your Data Matter at All?

Shane Faria
5 min readAug 26, 2021


In this out of sight, out of mind world, how can we convince people that taking control matters? That “I’ve got nothing to hide” is the equivalent to, “I don’t need to have this right to privacy.”

It’s hard. There’s a lot going on. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a real thing. Everyone needs basic needs met. Everyone needs to internally rank-order everything going on in the world - personal, national, and global - and then decide which things are worth acting on. We have finite time, shortening attention spans, and we’re still firmly in the grasps of COVID hysteria (at least, that’s what the news says.)

But hold on.

Take a second. Breathe. Slow everything down. Find a focal point in the distance, or right between your eyebrows. Quiet. Now ask yourself: Do you feel like there is something seriously wrong?

Listen to your gut. If you hear the voice in your head speaking up, listen.

Now, I don’t want to force your hand in any direction. Maybe you think everything’s fine and dandy. You do you. But right now, everyone needs to find a way to use discernment within the still and the quiet. There is so much going on. An information onslaught. Echo chambers. Contradictory sources everywhere. Want to find something proving one side of an argument? Easy. Want to find something to prove the opposite side? Easy. Sounds crazy, right? Unsustainable, maybe? Well, as far as I can tell, this is the world we’re living in.

If you feel like nothing is wrong, feel free to drop off here. In a way I sort of envy you, but I digress. If you feel something is wrong in the world in your gut, and I mean in a general sense, feel free to continue. We’re about to get real.

Now, get back to that stillness. When you’re there, ask yourself this: do you really feel free? Do you have agency over your own life? Are there things holding you back? Obstacles? Placed by you, or someone or something else? Think of anything and everything that restricts you in some capacity.

Let me plant a specific thought, because, after all, I’m writing this with the intent of convincing you the importance of what my company, TIKI, is doing. I’ve already outlined how your data is actually tangible. I’ve painted a picture of how thoroughly corporations actually know what makes you you.

The thought starts with a simple question: How often in history has a government or corporation said something along the lines of “Hey, actually, we’ve got too much power. We should actually reduce our power.” Here’s another: How often has a right been stripped of a population, and later been given back?

The answer to those questions, historically speaking, is rarely, or, so infrequently that the answer might as well be “never.” Now, apply that to Facebook. Google. Amazon. The U.S. federal government. The United Nations. The European Union. If you were to bet, do you think they’re gonna throw in the towel and say, “Yeah, too much power from us. You can have it back.”?

Now, entertain the opposite. How often has a government or corporation said something along the lines of “Hey, actually, we can become more powerful. With all this power we have, there seems to be some pretty clear avenues to use that power to acquire even more power.”

The answer to that question, historically speaking, is almost always.

One more question: Historically speaking, when a government or corporation becomes too powerful, or abuses their power, who does it fall upon to intervene?

Ready for the harsh truth. Take a look in the mirror. It’s you. Always has been.

Here’s the good news. You’re not alone. It’s not just you. It’s you and me. And everyone who, in the stillness, has found that there is something wrong with our situation and who wants to do something about it.

TIKI is a start. It’s just a foundation. Something bigger will be built from it. But to build, we need you. We need awareness. We need for you to care, because power doesn’t give itself away. You need to take it.

Freedom ain’t free. It never has been. It’s been fought for in a myriad of ways for thousands of years. But the battlefield has changed. You don’t need a sword or a shield or a gun. All you need is to find that stillness, use discernment, and vote for a different future with your actions.

Do you want corporations and governments to sell all your data without you knowing or getting paid for it? Do you want to be controlled and manipulated for capital gain and power? Do you want “having nothing to hide” to supersede our cumulative right to privacy?

If you answered no, we warmly welcome you to our little revolution. We plan on fighting for your rights to data privacy while raising awareness for true data ownership. We plan on building solid relationships with businesses and educating them on the benefits of positive data use to help grow their small-to-medium sized businesses and compete with the big dogs and mega corporations. And we do all this with a pledge to always keep the interests of the users first, no matter what.

And personally speaking, I’M doing it because I’m tired of being bullied and waiting for a savior. We’ve got to save ourselves.

So, whaddya gonna do about it, punk?

Take ownership in the data rights revolution.

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