Pineapple Powwow: A Closer Look Into What We’ve Accomplished and What’s To Come

Shane Faria
3 min readSep 29, 2021

Hey there,

We wanted to take some time to give you an update on TIKI and what is going on behind the scenes. I’m going to do the writing bit, but if you prefer a video format from our CEO Mike, feel free to skip this and check out this video.

We started this endeavor for a simple reason: to give users control of their data. To shift the power balance from corporations and governments to the rightful owners, you. So far, we’ve had over 125,000 people sign up in nine short months. It is an amazing accomplishment, and we’ve got a lot more in store to keep up the momentum.

By nature, we aim to be as transparent as humanly possible. We believe there should not be a wizard behind the curtains, metaphorically speaking, which is why we open-source everything that we do. This includes estimated goals and timelines.

A product of this transparency is that not only can you see what we accomplish in real time, but you can also see when we don’t hit the goals or timelines we aimed for. We learned raising capital is a bit harder than we thought. We realized building an application with only two developers, one of whom also being the CEO, is quite a difficult endeavor.

We built everything, from a local blockchain to data knowledge graphs from the ground up. Everything from scratch. We’re making a lot of progress, albeit sometimes it is quite slow. Rest assured, we are moving as fast as we can with the resources we have. Our crowdfunding campaign will go a long way in determining the future resources we can dedicate to the development of this amazing app we plan on building out for you.

Our current goal is to show an end-to-end proof of concept with one simple in-app connection. The ability to link Gmail to TIKI will allow us to build out the see, control, and monetize features. This one piece of data (email data) will be anonymized and encrypted, added to a blockchain, added to a knowledge graph, and turned into functional insights for businesses to purchase in order to better understand their current, potential, and lost customers.

After completing the proof of concept in the next few weeks, the goal becomes: grow the product. We’re aiming for a public launch in early Q1 ’22. It will require two parallel efforts. One, hire additional engineers to accelerate adding more data integrations and more see/control/monetization features. Two, work closely with a handful of pilot companies to package up valuable, relevant, usable insights for purchase.

This core infrastructure with email data, once completed, sets precedent for the see, control, monetization features for other pieces of data in applications such as Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, and plenty of others. Expanding on the proof of concept with new pieces of data and new platforms from which to source the data is a major goal for us in the coming months.

The sky is truly the limit in regard to what we can accomplish. The groundwork we are establishing is both unique and powerful. We can truly flip the market on its head and show both users and businesses a new way of utilizing data that benefits everybody, not just the deep-pocketed individuals who have been taking advantage of the data status quo.

We cannot thank you enough for your interest and continued support in this project. We’re just a baby in terms of our existence, but the amount of traction for this revolutionary idea is nothing to bat an eye at. It is truly impressive what we have been able to accomplish together in this short time.

We are dedicated to furthering the efforts in developing this technology and putting forth the best possible product for you to use. We will continue to keep you in the loop in regard to nearly everything we are doing here at TIKI, and assure you that users will be at the center of every decision we make.

We’re beyond excited to see where this journey takes us. Thank you again for being a part of this wild ride. With a bit of time and elbow grease, we’ll put forward something you all can be truly proud of.

’Til next time,
Shane, Mike, Barry, Anna & The TIKI Team



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